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Bryan Dominguez is a first-generation Mexican American and a survivor of acute  myeloid leukemia cancer from Chicago, IL. Currently studying at California College of the  Arts - Oakland/ San Francisco, CA. His interest in becoming an artist started  in high school. Dominguez was accepted as part of  Visual Arts program, helping him advance his painting and drawing skills. During high school he participated in a program called Advanced Drawing and Painting  at Gallery 37. 

A lot of his work focuses on how memories are preserved through his personal life and his family members. Dominguez has an interest in how memories function as a  way to have conversations with existing/past spirits. Due to his medical history his body  had encountered trauma at the age of 4 and since then there has been memory blockage. He finds a way to reconnect with his younger self by asking and recording his  family stories. 

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Artist Statment 

His work explores concepts from dead spirits having their own consciousness to identifying trauma and healing from it. He does this by asking the following: Where does a spirit live when we don’t think of them? Are they aware where the living is taking them? What are some blockages in his life?

Dominguez focuses on storytelling, painting , drawing , screenprinting, and installation work. Their paintings and drawings are a way to visually document a narrative of his life.  Some of his installations are focused on making an altars for Dia de los Muertos inviting people to have conversation on how to speak to an ancestor. Dominguez being Mexican-American, searches for his own diaspora of being first-generation.

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