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Bryan Dominguez 

Born and raised in Chicago, IL

His interest in becoming an artist started when he was in high school. When Bryan started high school he became part of the Senn Visual Arts program, helping him advance his painting and drawing skills  During high school he participated in a program call Advance Drawing and Painting at Gallery 37. In the summer of 2019 he participated in a pre-college program at Maine College of Art. He currently attends at California College of the Art in San Francisco, CA majoring in painting and drawing.

Most of his recent work is understanding the idea of being Mexican American as a first generation. Bryan is discovering his tradition and how to value it through landscapes paintings and Still Life paintings.


2016-2020 Nicholas Senn High School

2020-Present California College of the Arts

Painting and Drawing Major

Awards & Exhibition

  • All City Exhibition: 2018 

  • All City Senior Portfolio Exhibition: 2020 

  • Chicago Sun-Times Honorable Mention: 2020

  • CCA Diversity Scholarship: 2020-21

  • Creative Achievement Award: 2020-21

  • Richard K. Price Scholarship: 2021

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